About S.A.C

We proudly announced S.A.C as our latest high-end label. The collection that We offers ranges from high-end basics, cocktail dress  to elegant bridal gown  that are suitable for every single woman depend on occasions. We design, style,  make, sell, also rent all the pieces.

We Seek all the women with highly enthusiastic in fashion, sophisticated, all the young and older woman.

About Designer

My very first job was designing and make theatrical costumes for London School of Public Relation in 2008. After that show, I made designs for sweet 17, birthday gown, family gown and  pre-wedding dress. For the upcoming project  in 2015 Istart to make a wedding gown, and because there are so many requests to rent a gown, and here they are, We offered a rental gown.

My goal is to create a masterpiece for every woman in the world who could be adored by herself and  their loved one.

How to Order

  • You may get inspiration from our Latest Projects or some idea from outsource.
  • Custom from zero idea, Design your own magical dress, dresses for all your family member or relatives, also you can RENT! yes, you can !
  • Everything can be customized based on your budget, premium quality, design, themes, color, purpose, etc
  • Don’t hesitate to contact us for any further question. Just please feel free to see our latest project and ask me anything you want.


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